Sunday, 31 March 2013

Missing Luggage

So after getting to our wonderful hotel we were soooo excited to sleep in a normal bed!  They looked and felt so comfortable. It felt like we were sinking into clouds.  When I dragged myself away I went to unpack and realised I had the wrong bag!  ARGH!  We accidentally picked up the wrong purple bag with green and yellow tags!  Can you believe another person chose the same as us.  So Jason turned around and got on shuttle back to the airport to see if he could change it.  We didn't have our phone as yet so I was a little worried but knew I could just huddle my babies in the hotel room and prayed for the safe return of my bag no I mean safe return of Jason....well both.  I kept trying to think positive but after 3 hours I was getting a little worried!  After about my 5th prayer he came home safe and sound with MY suitcase...yeah! My hero.  Crisis adverted.

So then I took the children swimming in the so called 'heated' pool whilst Jason had a rest.

The children hadn't eaten since 9:00am and so by 5pm we woke up Dad and went out to tea at none other than McDonolds!  Can u believe it but of course Michael was very happy.  I found it very very hard to read what to order and found Aussie Macca's way better!  - Then all children asleep by 7pm and Jason and I asleep by
Then the next morning around 9am we woke up and had a buffet breakfast which is always fun watching the children check out different food for the first time.  It is also fun listening to them rave on about how different the toilets are and how much trouble they had getting the showers working....

Jason then brought us back the Recreational Vehicle or home for the next 9 weeks and everyone was sooo excited to run around and check it all out - opening cupboards and trying out where to sit and sleep.  I was pleasantly surprised that it had more room than I thought!  I hoped I didn't have to drive it though.  Jason did so well getting on the other side of the road and driving us to the RV park in Anaheim to relax, shop, eat tea and get an early night ready for our first theme park.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Happy Mummy on Holidays

So the adventure has begun!  We have been planning and saving for years to visit America and take the children to Disneyland and General Conference.  On the Wednesday 20th March 2013 we awoke early with eagerness and excitement to fly to Los Angeles.  Jim and Mary came over around 7am to bid us farewell.  Jim even took us out to the airport and we all fit into the Kia with all our luggage!  Jason is a professional at packing our cars! (He used the rhino rack to help but still an ace job).

As we were loading our luggage Daniel was determined to take his new 'Lightening McQueen'  rolling suit case on the plane with us as carry-on luggage which he easily could of we were just trying to limit things to carry, but convinced him to put it under the plane with all of ours.  As we were waiting to board much to our surprise Daniel picks out his 'Lightening' suitcase being driven out to the plane!!! It was a gorgeous moment. We all watched the journey of the bright red CARS suitcase off to America.  

Customs in Sydney took a lot longer than we thought and we nearly missed our LA flight.  I got a little jumpy but as usual Jason calmed us all. I didn't read the rules properly about carry on luggage and I tried to take more than 100ml of Solo over for Uncle Bob....unfortunately it got confiscated and we couldn't find any in the international airport.  I couldn't believe how huge the Duty Free was in Sydney and the fact that no one sold Solo but everything else.  I should have packed it in my suitcase...sorry Bob!

The actual flight went soooooo much better than I could have ever hoped for.  There were four movies on the plane and only one a little questionable for the children but the rest were great which helped the time pass by.  All our technical devices lasted the whole trip so the kids were entertained well!  Daniel had a little grizzle but for only around 5 minutes so that was totally fine and then he fell asleep.  Luckily for us we were also half an hour early! 

When we arrived in LA we couldn't believe it!!! We just flew for 12 and half hours and it was still Wednesday 20th March!  Beware America the Ellis's have just landed!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

A New Adventure

So after many conversations with my husband and encouragement from Raechel,  I am going to start a blog!!! - This blog is mainly for my family but if you want to check in and read along about our lives ...WELCOME.

Our first big adventure is a big family trip to the great USA!  We have been planning and saving for this trip for over 5 years and can't believe it is finally here.  Jason's mum is American so we are planning to catch up with some family but our main reasons for going is to take the children to Disneyland and to take them to General Conference! So among all this packing we are doing today, Raechel and I are starting this blog  ready for our holiday updates...Hope you enjoy!