Friday, 25 October 2013

Mum hits Park City!

Before we left on our trip to America lots of people talked about how much shopping we could do over there!  How cheap everything was and how great the outlet places were!  And Park City Utah did not disappoint.  I am not sure if Jason planned it this way but we ended up only having the afternoon there...where if possible I would have spent the whole day there! 

In the back of my mind I knew we actually didnt have much luggage space for our return trip and we were here for memorable experiences not 'stuff' BUT having time to shop at great places is memorable isnt it???  I knew I was going to buy everyone a pair of Nike's but was amazed at how cheap they were and with the exchange rate at the time it all seemed surreal to be looking at the prices.  It got a little crazy with all of us trying on shoes and wanting everyones opinion but it was so much fun!  Some of us even got two pairs as it was such good value.  Best pair...Michael's $13...cant beat that!!!

Our Nike purchases (mum went back and got three more pairs the day before we left)

Daniel entertaining himself at the Nike outlet store!


I was really glad there was a playground (even if it was a little frosty) as the kids could play and relax whilst Raechel and I had lots of fun shopping!  I didnt go too crazy because it was only week 3 into our trip but I do regret leaving a handbag from the Coach Outlet store, as I didnt find another that I liked on the whole trip but hey that's life. I wasnt going to do the same thing in New York!

That night we had a great time catching up with Deb and Matt Pope and their beautiful family!  Matt and Jason and even Deb to a degree grew up with Jason in Adelaide and I got to know them really well in YSA.  Amazing to see how far along everyone has come (and we all still feel 21) and Debbie was pregnant at the time with number 7...amazing! My sister Sarah is actually married to Debbie's brother Andrew which actually means we are related by marriage!  And because of this match we are related to everyone in Adelaide and Tasmania or seems like it anyway.  I can remember being on YW camp growing up in Tasmania and feeling a little jealous over the big families in the church and wanting to be part of it or related to them in some way...and now I am woohoo!  (Very far removed but I am still counting it!)  It was so lovely to reminisce and catch up about old times and life in general.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

The Ellis's learn to Ski ...snow ski that is!!!

Wednesday 11th April 2013 we all drove up to Alta Ski resort where we were eager to have the children try snow skiing!  I had dreams of tobogganing with children on the slopes of Utah but unfortunately not all of the resorts offer the hire of the toboggans or do they allow free tobogganing rides and as Alta was the cheapest places to 'have a go at skiing'....I knew that dream was not going to happen (this trip anyway).

Jason was so glad that we were able to have the loan of Robert and Cheryl Laumer's 8 seater car.  It was pretty steep and slippery driving up to the resort!  We were so blessed to have a different vehicle than the huge RV....I doubt we would have even got up there actually.  This was the absolute best day of the week that we could have possibly chosen.  Officially the snow season was to end on Saturday 14th so we were lucky enough to go up that day.  The sun was shining and it was so glorious.  We found the beginner area and went into the hire place to gear up for our day of adventure.  It never ceases to amaze me all the polite stares of amazement we receive from others who may actually be a little shocked that we have 6 children and we are still sane and they are actually pretty well behaved.  The people helping us with the equipment in one word were just 'cool'.  Very trendy young men who made a fuss of all the children and made them feel cool and special as well and after talking with them a little about our trip and our day ahead the children were so pumped to get out there and have a go at skiing. 


I had no idea how well everyone would go...we all tenderly went down the first hill to get to the small beginner slopes.  Michael, Jordyn, Matthew and Joanna just went for it and went so far ahead of us so Jason had to go off with them whilst Daniel and Raechel and I took it a little slower...I think I went 20 metres and fell straight onto my backside!  Not a good start. It wasnt long before Daniel was getting really frustrated but unfortunately I couldnt really help him as I wasnt really getting the hang of it either so we sat down together in the snow watching everyone else skiing their little hearts out.  I couldnt believe how brave they were.  Michael, Jordyn and Matthew seemed to get the hang of it really well and even after some really nasty falls just kept getting up and trying again!  Jason spent most of the time going back and forwards between all the children - he was amazing! He came back and got Daniel for some skiing which was so cute to see...Daniel loved it.

Unfortunately my equipment wasnt the best (I am going to blame the equipment anyway) ...and the boots were killing me especially on my left foot which gives me alot of grief - so I gave up pretty early and played with Joanna and Raechel making a small snowman which was loads of fun but of course freezing!  Closer to the end of the day Raechel took the little ones to the car whilst I filmed some action on the slopes....Matthew amazed me so much.   He often shys away from sport but loves outdoor adventure and this was suiting him soooo much!  Jason and Michael decided to brave some of the regular slopes so off they went up on the ski lifts for adventure.  They got a couple of rides in before it was time to go BUT enjoyed it so much Michael was determined to come again which they arranged for the Saturday!  (Mark and Jared Knight joined them as well as Rolf Lawrenz and some of his children so they had a fabulous day!)