Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Onto the Great Texas

After leaving Arizona it was actually quite boring drive scenery wise compared to what we had witnessed during the past week.  Quite a few flat boring roads similar to some long roads here in Australia.  However it was Raechel who mentioned something interesting that the further south we were travelling she could notice a change in everybody’s accents.  Pretty cool !  Even shop assistant’s from New Mexico sounded different to those from Texas and the states are very close to each other.  Our first stop in Texas was a place called Amarillo which quite a few Texans told is later that it was a pretty daggy place but it was THE best caravan/trailer park we stayed at for the whole trip! $29 for the night with an indoor pool and free breakfast….Bargain! Plus we were the only ones in the pool and spa as apparently it was too cold for everyone else but not the crazy Aussies! We had a great day unwinding and relaxing!

Throughout our stay in Texas, Matthew and Joanna turned 9 so Dad surprised us all with a day at the local Speedzone!  The kids were pumped!  Quite a few rides with heaps of different speeds with various go carts and heaps of computer games throughout the whole place.  Unfortunately there was a height restriction on a lot of the faster rides so Joanna missed out on a few but she kept going around and around on smaller rides with Daniel which was really helpful .  It was also a week day so there was hardly any one there so we were able to run around a little and go crazy. It was Amaze Balls!!!

I really really enjoyed the shopping in Dallas as well.  Let me just say Jason is lucky I only had 4 hours there to shop.  Classy, great quality and great price!  That night we had a fabulous meal at Dallas Sweetie Pies where Jason really wanted to show us all what a big steak really looked like and tasted like!  He also mentioned to us that down south in Texas they really loved their three G’s – God, Guns and Gas Guzzlers!  


Sunday, 1 February 2015

The Amazing Grand Canyon

Monday 22nd April 2013 we left Utah bound for more adventure and our first stop was at Grand Canyon Arizona.  Just driving towards the National Park were many amazing rock canyons and crevices.  It made you think do we really need to go to the real place?  And the answer of course is YES.  I was overwhelmed!  Lucky for us on the day we visited was free National Parks Visit in all of America so it was a double bonus for us.  There are quite a few entrances into the park and quite a few bus routes to take to view all the canyons.  We had so much fun exploring and trying various photos that would depict us actually jumping or falling off into the canyon. I also enjoyed learning about some of the history of the American Indians from around that area.  We also met some fun German tourists on one of the bus routes and of course they absolutely adored Daniel! 

We stayed at the Canyons until sunset so we could see the amazing effects of colours against the sandy brown of the canyons. It was glorious and we were so blessed to have a wonderful day to witness this.  Unfortunately it got very cold towards the end of this sunset so we packed up and were able to stay in the Grand Canyon National Park.  Such an amazing place that I vote as my favourite thing to see in America besides attending General Conference!

When we did leave the Grand Canyon we were really surprised to see a lot of Elk just roaming the streets around this small town…they seemed really tall – just one of those weird things you see sometimes but I suppose that is what people think when they see wildlife on our roads and highways!