Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Hulls

After a teary farewell with the Garrett family we moved onto the Hull family from Downtown Utah!!!  Back home in Onkaparinga Ward Cynthia Hull from Victor Harbor who had recently been baptised kept insisting that we contact her family and stay with them!  She became very forceful one week that I thought I better do it.  I feel apprehensive about asking people if 8 people can stay with them for awhile....but most people are soooooo excited to do it especially when they find out we are Australians.

So through a couple of emails with Cynthia's cousin Dan Hull we arranged to stay with them from April 14th for a couple of nights.  It was just very special to meet these lovely people - Dan and Linda Hull!  They have 6 grown children and live very close to the city in a beautiful older home loaded with lots of history which was great to hear about!  Although it was very cold out we took lots of walks and the children had a great time playing outside and creating games with different toys for awhile....its such a joy to watch them create games and ideas at different times but of course the best game to play in their home was hide and seek!  They had soooooo many hiding spots and nooks and crannies and that's even without using the basement.  One time I was hiding for over 10 minutes before I got bored and laughed and Matty heard me!  I thoroughly enjoyed learning from Dan and Linda.  It is a great experience for our children to meet loads of different people.

Fun Outside Play at the Hull's
Dan and Linda Hull

Whilst we were there we took day trip into the city to explore all the church buildings and especially the museums.  There was a great kid hunt at the Daughters of Zion museum where they had to find heaps of things so that was a lot of fun and we also enjoyed the Church history building.  Its hard to get everything in because the children did get a little bored at times...actually lets face it ...I got a little bored sometimes as well.  I knew that I was in such an amazing place but at some places when the presenters repeated information it was a little hard to stay awake! - It was surreal visiting Brigham Young 'this is the place' monument.  Very special to read about how people felt being there.

We also had a chance to visit the Bishop Central Warehouse where the church has employed many people to distribute food and other essentials to people all over the world. There are also many volunteers such as missionaries there to help continue the work.  One of the volunteers was Jonny Ellis's mission president!  Small world.  It was amazing to go through this building and see how well it works and learn more about where our tithing goes. I was so impressed when were able to ask questions Matthew asked our guide if all the help goes to anyone or just members....and of course the answer was to people all over the world, members and non was great to know Matthew was thinking about things like that!

Inside the huge Bishop Storehouse