Sunday, 11 May 2014

Bon Jovi does SLC

So one of my top 5 things we did on our holiday was go to a Bon Jovi concert in salt Lake City of all places!  After the Utah Jazz game we could use our ticket for $10 tickets to the concert...I couldn't really believe it but it was true!  So on our last night in Salt Lake we went to the concert!  Michael and Jordyn accompanied me.... Jordyn got a little bored but overall it was absolutely fantastic.  It was soooooo great seeing him perform 'Living on a Prayer'!!! Our seats were a little ways up but we got a great view for every song except one.  For me the concert was absolutely fabulous!!!

Later in our holiday I tried to contact one of my pen pals that I have been writing to for over 30 years but unfortunately we didn't have a chance to catch up due to work and time tables BUT in the end she asked me if I was at the Bon Jovi  Concert on the same night in the $10 ticket section and she described what I was wearing, with two children and when I was like yes that was totally me she was bummed because she was there as well and thought it was me but way to shy to come up and say hello.  I sooooo wished she did but unfortunately great opportunity lost...always lessons to be learnt in life, even at a Bon Jovi concert!