Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Perry Park

After  Niagara Falls we stayed in a beautiful caravan park called Perry Park in Ohio.  Near where we live in Christies Beach is a nursing home called Perry Park so it reminded us of home. However we had to chuckle as the caravan park was located next to a Nuclear Plant and was situated next to a lake called Lake Erie so in a way were glad to just stay the one night.  The manager of the park was sooooo lovely and had gorgeous dogs so the kids were happy to talk with them.

Throughout the next day we were able to focus upon visiting historic church sites around Kirtland, a small settlement in northern Ohio where members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints gathered shortly after the Church was founded. Between 1831 and 1838, Joseph Smith and early members of the Church established Church headquarters here and built a temple.  At the moment the temple is owned by the Community of Christ Church but you can still visit for a small donation.  We also were able to visit another visitors center and also John Johnson Home and Whitneys home and also there General Store and replicas of the Kirtland Schoolhouse and Sawmill.  In the store we were shown many things but I really remember seeing the actual copy of the stores daily takings ledger and that many things were bought for members by Joseph Smith.  Another example of his love and service. The missionaries at the John Johnson home were very new and we were their first group they toured with where they explained everything themselves.  This couple were actually President Boyd K Packers nephew and his wife. They did a fabulous job for their first tour ....maybe a tad long for children but it was great to get to know them a little better especially as we saw them at church the next day!  

I personally also enjoyed visiting the place in Palmyra where the Book of Mormon was published and printed for the first time.  I hope the children remember the efforts and sacrifices given for us to have that book today.