Sunday, 28 February 2016

Liberty Jail

On December 1st 1838 Joseph Smith and other church members were taken to Liberty Jail in Clay County Missouri as there were no jails in the counties of where they're alleged crimes took place.  We were able to visit the visitors centre here that tried to recreate the actual size of this dungeon like prison in May 2013.

The sister missionary who took us on the tour did an amazing job trying to describe how conditions were like for prisoners and especially Joseph Smith.  I really felt the spirit of this place and felt grateful I was able to be there! The four month confinement took a heavy toll on these latter-day saint members who were prisoners for basically not denying God and denouncing Joseph as a prophet.  A lot of emotional, spiritual and physical pain and anguish that they suffered is recorded in Doctrine and Covenants 121, 122, 123.  There is also revelation given in these scriptures whilst Joseph Smith was in this jail.  As I read them now the words definitely mean a lot more to me. 

I will also remember this day because while we were there the sister missionaries found out that the prophets beloved wife had passed away the day before. 

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