Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Back through Utah and into Nevada

We had arranged to stay with Jerry Nealey in Roy Utah on the way home.  One amazing person who is legally blind but copes so well and works for the State helping other people with disabilities to function and work in society.  We visited his work place and he took us to an amazing lolly shop where we able to have some yummy candy and licorice.  Jerry visited this place nearly weekly so they knew him well and because of this we got a discount.  It was so nice of him to let us use his home for a base.  (Even though I thought it weird that a blind man was helping with my washing and had to stop when was folding my bra as he felt a little uneasy...very awkward conversation that one)

We had a chance to say goodbye to Uncle Bob again and really reflect on our amazing adventure and get ready for the last week ahead....

Chillin along the way!

We then drove into Nevada looking and asking for places to set off our fireworks...eventually we found out about an amazing place called the 'Valley of Fire' - sounds very fitting.  However this was Native American land so we weren't sure if we would be able to go in there so didn't want to get the kids hopes up too much. Luckily we found an area just before the gated land that allowed anyone to let off their fireworks....We had a fabulous time letting off all the fireworks and some of the children have a go at lighting them themselves and having a blast watching what each one did.  It was fun watching other fireworks go off around us too.  Daniel was a little scared at first but he got used to it pretty quickly!
Valley of Fire

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