Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Wonderful Wyoiming

After leaving Omaha we took our time time to slowly drive into Wyoming which we heard wasn't the most beautiful of places and boy were 'they' right.  We only really drove along the I80 and found the scenery very boring and well pretty ugly actually.  (Obviously we weren't there in winter when the mountains and surrounding areas are so beautiful.) So with this negative view of the area I wasn't expecting so much fun that we had at the Martin Cove Mormon Handcart Historic Site.  To me this was one of the best church historical sites. 

The visitors centre is set up so well and we watched an amazing family movie and listened to experiences of pioneers that really helped us feel grateful for one another and our own lives!  Then for nearly another 5 hours we had the opportunity to take real handcarts and go on a mini trek ourselves. There are so many handcarts to choose from and also mini ones for little children. It was soooo much fun and then obviously we had a chance to wander and explore the wonderful surroundings. The children had a fabulous day and we were virtually all by ourselves which made it even more special.

Another reason we thought Wyoming was wonderful is that the state still allowed the sale of Fireworks!!! Woohoo

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