Wednesday, 9 March 2016

See Ya Later USA!!!

Sooooo after 8 and half weeks we had arrived back at our starting point in LA California.  We had arranged to stay at the same Caravan Park in Anaheim so we could unload and re-pack all our suitcases...I think Jason was a little worried.

It practically took all day to pack our suitcases and shuffle all the luggage so that we could distribute all the load.  It was a very boring day but had to be done!!! That night we took the kids to all you can eat buffet which really helps everyone's mood.  Then we were able to spend more time with cousin Leslie and meet up with her son Aaron and his partner who is in love with Disneyland.  It was lovely catching up with them and talking talking talking which of course bores the children so we didn't
stay too long as they were getting tired and grumpy.

Luckily they weren't grumpy for the next day ahead as it was home time!!! We had to spend a whole day at the airport as we needed to return the RV by 11am but our flight wasn't until 10:30pm that night! AND with 8 large suitcases and 13 pieces of carry on luggage there was not much sight seeing we could do!  So we set ourselves up for the day in the lounge and watched movies and did exploring and of course just a little more shopping.  The airline was fabulous and charged no extra for the baggage but we were a little worried about the domestic flight from Sydney to Adelaide....however we thought we would just pay as we were soooooo close to home.

The flight home itself wasn't too bad and we were able to get a whole 4 extra seats assigned to out family which was really helpful for sleeping except I didn't sleep the whole time!!! Not too happy about that. - As we were descending into Sydney we were getting very very excited! Unfortunately they announced we needed to make a detour into Brisbane as there was really bad fog in Sydney....A lot of groaning on the plane but what can you do?  Luckily all the kids were in a great mood as they had slept well, so I got two hours sleep whilst we waited.  So many people commented when I woke how well behaved the children were compared to even adults complaining so that's always nice to hear.

Soooo by the time we reached Sydney the airline had re arranged mostly everyone's flights as we had missed our connecting ones home. Although it was a crazy day this was a little blessing in disguise as they really went out of their way to help us and not only didn't charge us for extra baggage but let us put more luggage under the plane or check it in so we didn't have to lug it around all day. Then we were given $20 food voucher each which a lot for a child so they went a little crazy eating but it was sure a fun way to fill in time plus it was Australian food which of course tasted a little better.

Finally made it home!  So nice to be in our own bed but what an amazing, wonderful, fabulous, exciting, memory making opportunity for our family!!!

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